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I suffered through 3 consecutive miscarriages and a battery of tests, invasive and non-invasive, all of which determined there was no "medical" reason I could not have a baby.  A close friend of mine suggested I contact Deirdre to see if she would help.  Working with Deirdre gave me a sense of support and hope - and the exercises I did with her were amazing - revealing and healing. My own little miracle is almost nine months old now - and a delightful handful he is.  Thanks Deirdre.   - Vidyia

This magic is powerful stuff!  I'd like to thank you Deirdre for gifting me this spell, I think I can honestly say that it changed my life!   - Cecilia

With your thoughtfulness and insight the world is a better place, remember it reflects on you as well and that positive energy will help to protect you and your energy. Thanks for the help. Blessed Be   - Sandy 

I had gone out to perform a personally designed spell and ended up performing a protection spell instead.  It was a 'kit' spell but as always it is made into a personal spell by my own embellishment.
One day, shortly after performing this spell, I was feeling very peculiar.  I was unsettled and anxious. I felt like some unseen forces were picking at my energy. I felt as if I should be spinning. It was such an unusual sensation. Not the normal sense of too many things to do and not knowing where to start. It was something beyond me.
I took a deep breath and thought what can I do. I felt I needed extra protection or intervention so I picked up the cedar ball (token of protection) from the spell and wore it in a pouch around my neck. Within 10-15 min the picking sensation had disappeared. There was no longer a sense of anxiety.  It was as if the picking at my energy had never happened and I was able to settle into the task at hand.   - Shirley

I was reading your book on the weekend and it is really good. As a matter of fact, I wish that I had had this earlier because it helped me get a better grip on astrology and I really noticed how crowded a house was. The rooms are easier to understand the way that you put them rather than the other way. "
 - Rosemary

I read "The Goddess Wheel: Pele" and wanted to thank you for passing on the fire of Pele. Stories that empower us as women to own the dark and the light are also steeped in generations of suppressed rage among women and societal disgust with that side of the "feminine" - reminders of the sacredness in that battle are a very special source of fuel for me, so thank you.
 - Melanie

re: Blossoming
Dear Deirdre,
Thanks so much for this - and more especially for Sunday which was WONDERFUL!  A gift for both of us - but especially for my beautiful daughter.  In a very gentle way you opened up the positive potential and wonderment that is a part of the changes she is going through. I just couldn't pull that one off by myself.
Warm wishes and many thanks, - M

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