A   G   E   N   T       O   F       C   H   A   N   G   E  




The Women of Winter: a two day celebration of the hockey goddess (and women’s outdoor shinny). www.thewomenofwinter.com


WonderWorks - Toronto
WonderWorks offers tools, both ancient and modern, to help people deepen their view into their own hearts and illuminate their path in the world. They specialize in books about spirituality, creativity, holistic health, and death and dying. At Wonderworks you can also find out about bodywork and Buddhism, tarot and tantra, goddesses and gardens. www.gowonderworks.com

Star presents (online)
Fabulous eco-friendly, astrologically designed goodies and gift bags for women that delight the senses & inspire the mind. Canadian made and cosmically inspired. www.starpresents.ca


Julie Simmons has been doing astrology for over three decades and is endlessly fascinated by the connection between astrology, psychology, mythology and the human condition. www.juliesimmons.ca

Soulbody: Franco Minatel is a worker of Astrology, Numerology, Divination and Energy Work/Healing. www.soulbody.ca

Korechanges: Melanie Ollenberg uses the palm as the access point to insight and understanding. For palmistry sessions and classes check out her website www.korechanges.com

The Belly Dancing Psychotherapist: Jennifer Drummond uses a holistic approach, to help her clients live for themselves, integrating body, mind & spirit. www.jenniferdrummond.com

The Happy Medium: Libby is a talented and professional medium. www.thehappymedium-online.com

Julia Allen infuses her palmistry with a gentle Reiki healing. She interprets the palm to empower, guide and give new perspectives to the unfolding life path. She offers ways so you may shift into a more fully conscious journey. julia.reiki@gmail.com

Blissholistics: Energy & Bodywork Therapy. A holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle through alternative and complementary healing modalities. www.blissholistics.com

The Leslieville School of Art: Sara Sniderhan offers classes in book illustration, oil painting, life drawing and painting and new classes for adults- as well as our regular drawing and painting classes for kids and teens. www.leslievilleschoolofart.com

Collecting Loss: Weaving Threads of Memory is a community-based art project. Collecting Loss was born from our vision to weave the threads of memory so many of us hold in life of those we love who have died. This is the fabric which forms a community who remembers, and through that remembering, becomes open to the possibility that our shared stories may transform us and others who bear witness. www.collectingloss.com


The Vespera Women's Choir of Toronto is an auditioned group of professional and semi-professional singers dedicated to performing new music. www.vesperaensemble.com

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