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I learned so much last night. I am just so impressed by what you know, how you teach it, and how I experienced it on so many levels. You really are an inspiration to me. -Heather

Tarot is a divinely inspired tool of our intuition. Archetypal images reflect the collective unconscious and enable us to gain personal and universal knowledge. The cards become allies of our self-growth and pragmatic tools for our real lives.

No experience necessary.

Tarot Classes

Tarot Fundamentals  
Six consecutive evenings
 - 6:30-9:00 pm
Card by card we examine the meaning; both intuitive and literal, and the significance of the entire Tarot deck. Each class combines intuitive, practical exercises and guided reads.

Tarot for the Year - 6:30-9:00 pm
Learn to use soul cards, year graphs, and other practical applications of the Tarot to understand the patterns of your life and to help focus your intent for the coming year.

Getting to Know Tarot  - 6:30 - 9:00 pm
An experiential and informative evening for beginners and practitioners alike. This workshop will provide tools and exercises to both jump-start and evolve your relationship with the cards.

Astro Tarot - 6:30-9:00 pm   
Understand your astrological birth chart using the Major Arcana cards. Gain valuable insights into yourself, your interaction with others, and the world around you. No previous Tarot or Astrology experience necessary. Charts can be provided.

Tarot Tools  - 6:309:00 pm
Learn to use Soul cards, year graphs, journaling, and other practical applications of the Tarot to understand the patterns of your life and to help focus your intent for the next year.

Read Tarot Like A Pro! - 6:309:00 pm
For every level of Tarot practitioner reading the cards is more than intuition or even knowing the meaning of every card. Our ability to communicate what we see and know in clear ways and the essential skill of holding boundaries are key to giving a good read. This workshop will answer questions such as, Do I tell them the bad news?  What do I do if they dont like what they hear? and many more.

Tarot Cosmology
- 6:309:00 pm
The deck we choose is as important to our reading ability as the meaning of the cards themselves. Each deck is unique, with its own story to tell. The hows and whys of picking the right deck is the topic for this class.

Dark Night of the Soul - 6:309:00 pm
The ghouls, goblins, and ghosts of Hallow'een represent our desire to confront and exorcise our personal demons. When the veil between the worlds is thinnest Tarot will help us meet the shadow within.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for the reading today.  I was really astounded at how exactly right on you were! -  Sarah

thank you for this...this is so wise, and insightful...  - Diane

It was not only a pleasure to meet you, but also enlightening.  - Denise  

Tarot and Astrology Services:

Verbal readings (in person or by telephone): $90.00/Tarot, $100.00/Astrology  
An in-depth read of the Tarot cards or astrological chart. Questions can be asked by the client but are not necessary for a complete analysis of the situation at hand which can include personality characteristics, internal and external influences, hidden obstacles, goals, and possible directions. Each session is delivered in a pragmatic and focused way allowing the client to come away with information that is insightful and helpful.

Group Sessions: $100.00/hour
Group sessions are offered in number of different formats and for groups ranging from bridal parties to corporate functions. Sessions can be used to team build, as an ice-breaker, or as a gift for one special person at the event. A session could be interactive or more intimate. Differing needs of each group can, within reason, be negotiated without affecting the quality and professionalism of the session.

Business Consultations: $100.00/hour  
Astrology is an effective tool in business development. It can be used to pinpoint team strengths and weaknesses particularly as they relate to job description and specific tasks or projects. Astrology is extraordinarily helpful for clients to show how to best utilize the skills of employees, to suggest ways to improve communication, and to present strategies to accomplish company goals. Self-understanding is the first step in broadening perspective, which inevitably leads to greater understanding and therefore greater effectiveness within any group while at the same time improving company morale.

Deirdre balances her family life with her love of the esoteric. She believes that Tarot provides us with the answers, and sometimes the questions that we need to make positive change in our lives. It is a divinely inspired tool of our intuition.  
The planets reflect our true selves and give insight into our character, our abilities, and help us formulate our directions.

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