A   G   E   N   T       O   F       C   H   A   N   G   E  


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„Thank you very much for your very beautiful and pertinent New Year class and for giving those insights - surprising and familiar as they are.  I feel I will be moving through changeš  - D


A mandala is a ritualistic, geometric shape that represents the universe. One of its Sanskrit meanings is whole world.   

A New Year Mandala is a shape/image that represents our desires for our life in the year to come. Participants come prepared to set their intentions for the year. A mandala is our tool for this process; identifying our heart's desires, setting goals, putting our intent to a visual symbol. The future waits for us to sharpen our wits and realize we make our own magic.

During the day the old year is released through guided exercises. This cleans the slate, so to speak. Using several techniques including visualization we establish our goals and dreams for the coming year. There are also exercises to help determine what those goals look like in a visual/physical representation. We conclude our day with an activating exercise - our mandala becomes a living representation of our year to come. A mandala can be a pretty image but its true purpose is to guide us in our path to achieve our heart's desire.

This class is an all-day event that takes place in the first 3 weeks of the (Julian) New Year.

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