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Aura Shielding | Evolutionary Witchcraft | Goddess Wheel | Mandala | Tarot

The goal of all classes is to inform and empower each participant. To that end a variety of techniques are utilized and all classes are to some degree experiential.
Private, individual and group classes are available. Please email for details.
*All classes unless otherwise noted are held in Toronto *


Spiritual Counseling
Integrating spiritual or energetic aspects for our wholeness and well-being.

Ritual Work
Handfasting, Baby Blessings, Rites of Passage, House Cleansings, Banishings.

Ceremonial/Ritual Design
Personal or group ceremonies custom designed to align your purpose with the Divine.

Spells and Charms
Using energetic tools in order to achieve practical outcomes in everyday life.

Lectures, experiential classes, workshops, corporate presentations.

Tarot and Astrological Consultations
Personal, corporate, group sessions, parties. Email and telephone consultations. Click here for further information.

Deirdre Norman uses varied modalities and tools in her practice as a pragmatic witch. Her clients come from wide walks of life each with their own needs, goals, and beliefs. Her practice is guided by the Five Principles of Ethical Practice. 
It is my belief that all humans benefit from integrating the mundane with the divine.

Fees include follow-up reports where applicable.

Practical witchcraft is complementary to but not a substitute for medical care

 a lovely powerful ritual, I've never felt just pure energy in that way.   
- Heather

 This magic is powerful stuff!  I'd like to thank you, Deirdre, for this spell. I think I can honestly say that it changed my life!  - Cecelia

 Thank you once again. Your talk was exceptionally well received by the audience.  - Andrea (YorkU)

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