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„I just wanted to thank you for the goddess evening. It was good to explore this in such a safe, non-linear & non-patriarchal way.  I am grateful to you for facilitating this exploration & I look forward to more.š   - Reni.

Goddess Wheel

The Goddess Wheel re-introduces the goddesses in order to bring alive their relevance to our modern lives. The goddesses of myths exist not just in stories but also in the cells of our being, and in our unconscious as archetypes. The stories help our rational minds process the dynamic message that these archetypes hold for us. Accessing our divine nature validates who and what we are, not what we have been told we should be.  

 - Each Goddess Wheel evening runs 6:30-9:00 pm

Some of the Goddesses explored are:
The goddess Lilith and her counterpart Eve; the first two wives of Adam. The origins of the owl goddess, handmaid to Inanna, and the truth about original sin.

Morgana, Queen of the Witches, sister to Arthur. The witch in all of us is the woman who takes her power. Before Samhain we will explore our ability to scry--to see into the other realm.

"Bring Beauty into my life!"  Sarasvati teaches us to access our boundless creativity and to have pleasure in what we do. Poetry and song are our gifts for the evening.

What if the Gorgona were women of unsurpassed beauty and power? The rage and shame of repressing our tantric energy have created a monster! And we live with the daily consequences. The goddess Medusa is our sexual power gone awry but she can be reclaimed. 

Born fully formed from the waters of the Mother, Aphrodite is the goddess that shows us how to love ourselves, and others. Her story, her powers are ours for an evening of investigation and fun.

connects us to our powers of manifestation - our ability to actualize order from creative chaos. She is the warrior and the administrator.  
"Help me shape myself and accept transformation with delight"

Ix Chel, the Mayan mother goddess, connects us to our sacred wombs both physically and metaphysically. Come prepared to know the centre of your power - your uterus and it's mysteries. Through play we will visualize and embody the sacred centre of our being and take the first steps to physical and spiritual well-being.

„O Pele, Help me to dance in the Fire, Not to be consumed, but to discover, the passion and the strength of my angerš
As natural and inevitable as the instability of a volcano is the presence of anger in our hearts. Eventually it will erupt, often with devastating consequences. The fire and fury of the volcano is the essence of Pele. Volatile, passionate, headstrong and willful. This is Pele is at her worst and her best. Come dance with the energy of anger and discover the fertility of our dark emotion.

The call of Artemis is the call of the wild. Our independence and our fierceness are the gifts from Artemis who protects our maiden nature as we learn to run wild.

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