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I like the way you both challenged and supported us to keep our integrity in every stage of the process.  - M

Evolutionary Witchcraft

The core elements of pagan spirituality and practice are rooted deep in the oldest earth-based traditions. Witchcraft is a personal and evolving practice that integrates modern principles, varied shamanic techniques, and pagan traditions. We are the first tools of magic: our bodies, our thoughts, and our will. The core of personal magic is becoming and being a vessel for the creative force of the god/goddess and for the dance of the elements.

Evolutionary Witchcraft is a way of living in our body, knowing our feelings, and acting in integrity with right use of will. It is possible to discover your own path of magic and ceremony while honouring the earth, the cosmos, individual traditions, and the ancestors.

A course in pagan fundamentals
Six consecutive evenings - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Our desires are recognized in the other realm when we give them shape in this one. Come and learn the core elements of pagan spirituality. Our practices are rooted deep in the oldest earth-based traditions. Discover with us your own path of magic and ceremony.

  • cast a circle

  • work with the elements

  • channel and direct personal energy

  • discover the Wheel of the Year

  • learn the tools of the trade

  • practice protection of self and others

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