A   G   E   N   T       O   F       C   H   A   N   G   E  


Deirdre Norman is Tinkerwoman Unlimited

A long tradition exists of a village being served by a wise woman or witch. As a modern, urban witch I have developed my skills and knowledge to perform various services, rituals, and spells for my community when requested to do so. These services are available for a fee and do not replace medical or professional attention in cases of illness; physical or otherwise.

The main aim of my craft is to provide people with the tools and knowledge to further their empowerment and evolution.

With an inherited and genetic belief in magic, the little people, and an invisible world, I am journeying to the Divine. I have studied various shamanic techniques on both esoteric and academic paths. The Pagan Way is my heartās path and any knowledge and skill belongs not to me but comes through me in this lifetime.

Laws of Conduct: Code of Practice

Do No Harm

Requests for work which knowingly cause harm will be declined

According to Free Will
Works of Magic are performed only with the full knowledge and permission of the recipient

Everything Returns 3fold
Confidentiality is assured (or Iām in big trouble)

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