A   G   E   N   T       O   F       C   H   A   N   G   E  



Many people seek alternative or esoteric practitioners because they are experiencing one of lifeās significant milestones; birth, death, marriage, divorce, or because they are in crisis (some come because they are curious).

An alternative perspective from a professional source can provide insight, practical help, and new direction.

It is crucial that you know who you are working with. You can be a conscious consumer of esoteric services by asking questions. You are welcome to ask questions of me.

Some sample questions that can be asked of any practitioner of any service are below.

  • What is their training?
  • How long have they been practicing (and where)?
  • Are they forthcoming about how long the work will take?
  • Can they explain their modality in a way that is simple and comprehensible?
  • Does this information sound right for you?
  • Can they provide you with further sources of information and/or treatment? i.e. other practitioners, tools, or classes?
  • Is their fee schedule clear and in keeping with other similar practitioners?

Listen to your intuition. Let your own knowing guide you to the right practitioner for you.

What are the benefits of Tinkerwoman services?

  • Increased awareness of the self, the situation, and what direction to take.
  • Alleviation of the negative manifestations of the situation.
  • Increased understanding of the spirit or energetic self and how that can make positive change in life.
  • Greater perspective on experiences that create unease and fear.
  • Development of tools and practices to integrate and practice energetic work.
  • Learning to understand and live with intuitive or psychic abilities and/or occurrences. 

How much does it cost? 

These services are an investment in your well-being.  In another time the community would have housed and fed me in exchange for services. In this time and place money is the accepted medium of exchange.

Each service is unique, including and especially ceremonies and spells. No two are alike. Most work requires an intake session at which time a detailed analysis of the situation and strategies are determined. An assessment will include practical and concrete steps to address the situation.

Assessments are $150.00
All magical work is $100.00 per hour

Please contact me to discover if my services are right for you.


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